Wednesday, April 25, 2012

minimalist social icons (and an attempt to bring my blog back to life)

i'm a hugely aesthetic person. i get my inspiration from being around things and environments that i find beauty and character in.

which is why for quite some time, this blog has been sitting idle as i've tried to figure out how best to present it, and how to differentiate it from all my other social media platforms. it has occasionally come to life in fits and starts, but like any work in progress, the tweaks and changes have been short-lived. 

today, i'm starting to think i've hit on just the right combination of minimalist simplicity. and i'm getting that little bit closer every day to understanding what makes me me, and what essential non-negotiables i need in order to thrive. 

besides my no-frills writing blog (writing is absolutely THE biggest thing in my life), i needed a space to explore all the other things i'm huge on as well - design, photography, food, travel, and running. 

i prefer not to compartmentalise my life (my time, yes, but not my life in general), and i like everyone i work for, work with, become friends with, or lead to not just get who i am in the context of where we interact, but to get who i am as a person, not a colleague, best friend, mentor, or mentee. my values and personality are inseparable from the way i work or play. 

i bought this blog's domain name as a one-stop address where people could find me, and all the stuff i care about. it's been sitting dusty for quite awhile while my tumblr, pinboard, and wall was buzzing with activity.

(because pinterest is much prettier than blogger's default templates, unfortunately, and i'm only inspired to post in pretty places.)

i've decided it's time to change that, starting with accessorising this space a little with some minimalist social icons. 

and because i'm huge on social sharing and serendipitous discoveries (the internet is a rabbit hole of whimsical discoveries), i'm sharing the original artwork. so for fellow minimalists / hipsters who want something fuss-free with none of those bright colours-busy design-tacky gradient thing going on, you can download them here for use on your own blog. 


  1. hi, do you have one for google+ ?

  2. An Instagram one would be brilliant! These are perfect!

  3. These are gorgeous - I've been looking for really simple grey icons for ages. Thank you!

  4. Thank you, Ma'am. Good luck with everything. :)

  5. Hi Crystal, one of my good friends runs a restaurant in the country in NSW, Australia and I am helping them with a new website, these icons are really quite perfect, is it ok if I use them on their site?